Who We Are


By an unexpected twist of fate, HTP Clothing began as a spur-of-the-moment online selling of pre-loved clothes by its founder and owner, Ricca Del Rosario, only in an attempt to replace the Php3,000 she lost on that seemingly ordinary night in March 2014. She was simply trying to make amends but to her utter surprise, all the pre-loved clothes were sold out in just a day. That's when it all began. Ricca saw this as a rare opportunity and since then started the shopping marathon that rocked her Instagram account every Sunday night. Every time she saw the excitement of the customers on who gets to comment “mine” first to snatch that rare dress for so cheap a price. So every Sunday night, it was a date with her girls. Ricca felt a strong connection to what she’s doing. It felt just right. Like it was meant to be.


From her own second-hand clothes to her friends’, the clamor for affordable fashion was far from over. She then transitioned into selling handpicked outfits from various local and international tiangges so she could offer a wide and interesting selection of clothes to her dear customers. But over time, she realized that outfits from tiangges can sometimes be found in other stores. This is where she made a bold move to finally create HTP Clothing's original and exclusive pieces to set its brand apart from others.


This birth of a new era was inspired by its customers who personally shared their own style and preferences to Ricca. It was important to consider the people who helped HTP Clothing become what it is today. Ricca made it a point to make that her driving force. Now, HTP Clothing has grown and evolved from featuring quality second-hand clothes to passionately creating its own exclusive designs that cater to every Filipina, here and abroad. 


HTP Clothing since then started creating fashion pieces that are basic, practical, and most of all, stylish. Original designs are available in solid and neutral colors, as well as interesting patterns that catch the eye. The designs noticeably feature a common inspiration: clean lines, unique cuts, and fashion-forward elements that make them stand out. Now the HTP Clothing catalogue is bursting at the seams with different clothes and accessories that anyone can wear anytime, anywhere.



Since day one when it was just a one-woman team, HTP Clothing treats its customers as the #1 priority. It communicates closely with its customers and lets them know they’re important by giving them outstanding customer experience.


Today, HTP Clothing has grown much bigger. And this is not possible without its hardworking and creative employees. HTP Clothing views its employees as individuals with feelings and aspirations that need to be recognized. That’s why from planning to decision-making to execution, their future and well-being are of utmost importance.


Putting customers and employees at the heart of business is the compass that guides HTP Clothing in its journey in the fashion industry. More than just a business, it builds a community of people that hold each other’s hand every step of the way.



HTP Clothing seeks to be a timeless fashion brand that can withstand decades of trends. High quality pieces that last for years. Classic and confident designs that make a statement. And an affordable price point that doesn’t break the bank. These factors combined create the formula to meet the needs and expectations of all women (and men!) from all walks of life.



After a year of RTW shopping and celebrity features, we got to know our HTP girls at a more personal level. We knew they were all on-the-go searching for that one closet staple perfect for any day. We loved our girls so much that we gave in. Hence, our very first HTP Exclusive, the HTP Basic Tee, was born! The HTP Basic Tee paved a new road for us. It was the first design that came to life and the first product we ever branded. Feedback was overwhelming and the demand for more HTP originals was inspiring. This fueled us to design more week after week. To date, we are proud to have released more HTP Exclusives catering to our 68K+ Instagram followers from both the Philippines and abroad!


From its humble beginning on Instagram, HTP is known for its quality products and superb customer service. Nothing has changed now we’re here at our own website. We design our own clothes and we partnered with our local seamstresses to make our ideas come to reality. HTP is a proud Filipino-owned business and we are so happy to showcase the quality of Filipino-made clothes to the world. With that, we are able to ensure our customers’ protection and satisfaction in all the things we do. HTP also provides a unique shopping experience – we have the ‘comment the unique code as fast as you can’ shopping craze with our new creations every Saturday and Sunday on Instagram. And because the proprietor, Ms. Ricca Cruz – del Rosario is a Globe myBusiness Ambassador, we’re having a treat for you! Get rewarded while shopping. We have an HTP Clothing mobile application where in you could earn and redeem points. All of these are for you. Yep, we love you that much! These and more are what make us different from other online shops.

Our journey was unbelievable. From a one-woman team, we are now a team of more than 30 passionate and strong individuals and we are still growing! Our journey was and will always be all about you, our HTP girls!